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Recover Your Money from Amazon

Our Amazon Vendor Recovery Chargeback Fees solution extend to three key categories: Financial Operations, Dispute Management, Financial Planning


  • Limited visibility into Amazon's accounting processes and the large volume of data resulted in being overbilled by Amazon.


  • Lack of automation and internal resources to analyze, audit, and reconcile deductions at a P.O. and line item level.
  • You can’t dispute what you don’t SEE​ ​-​​ 63% of Amazon's deductions are hidden


  • Automatically analyze hundreds of thousands of rows of data to find overbillings and deductions, as well as comprehensively summarized the findings.
  • Results in automated recoupment process recovered over $150K in funds per account

100% Free Analysis – of your Amazon Vendor account.


Only Pay for What We Recover - Only pay a % of the money we recover for you


No Additional Resources Needed – 100% Automated, AI powered, logic based FinOps solution that processes accounting data flawlessly with zero manual interference

Do you really provide a FREE Analysis?

YES - we provide 100% Free Analysis of your Amazon Vendor Account.  Only pay a % of the money we recover for you

What Brands do you work with?

We have over 300+ Vendors that we work with Globally that include: Puma, PCA Skin, Cobra Golf, Sylvania, L'Oreal and many more.

How Many Different Chargebacks or Deductions are imposed by Amazon?

Amazon has 108+ different chargebacks or deductions that are imposed by Amazon

What are % of Deductions that go unnoticed by Vendors?

63% of these deductions are hidden and go unnoticed by vendors